Meet some of our members we’ve supported

The ENRYCH Connect service started in February 2019. Whilst the service itself was a new addition to the growing ENRYCH family, Connects team members have at least 10 years prior experience with offering a similar service that used to be run by Leicestershire County Council.

In the last year, ENRYCH Connect have reached out to over 200 adults living in Leicestershire. 

We support individuals living with a disability including learning difficulties and mental health issues, as well as their (often forgotten) carers. We aim to help people who are at risk of experiencing isolation, loneliness or social disadvantages as they struggle to access online information and services.


The training is individualised and based around the members personal requirements. This can include things like Skyping friends and family, to increasing confidence with online shopping and banking.  Being able to write an online journal to creating address labels.  Or setting up their Laptop, tablet or smartphone, so they can use the equipment with ease.

Some names have been changed to protect our service users privacy.

lady in a wheelchair using a computer


Using specialist software

Kate has advanced Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and is a fulltime wheelchair user. She uses the voice recognition software, Dragon, in order to use her computer. This enables her to communicate by email with her family and friends.

After getting a new laptop, Kate needed to get hold of the latest version of Dragon and get it installed. With the support of Enrych Connect to install the software and provide some refresher training, Kate can continue to communicate.

Man Hands On Keyboard


Visual impairment

Jamal is a Syrian refugee and is blind. His command of English is excellent and he gained British Citizenship towards the end of 2018. Enrych Connect helped him to use his computer with the aid of screen reading software in both Arabic and English, then helped him to set up Skype. He has used Skype to make arrangements to meet up with his future wife, and is looking forward to a happy future.

man looking at a tablet


Buying a new tablet

Jim lives with his Mother. He has been diagnosed as Psychotic and Schizophrenic with some OCD. He has been in the habit of watching TV all day with his Mother, then sitting alone listening to Radio 4 all evening. Encouraged by his Mother he bought an Android Tablet and it has given him the impetus to change his lifestyle dramatically. With some training he now enjoys watching and listening to his favourite bands, films and catching up with current World affairs, about which he is very knowledgeable. He has also started to buy items online for the home, which helps his Mother greatly.

Holding Tablet Computer


Profoundly deaf, can sign and lip read

Life has been so much easier for Daisy since this pandemic. Daisy taps the screen etc to use ‘Whats App’ and now another world is open to her. Daisy has chatted to a totally deaf person for about an hour, and they have a regular chatting session in sign language.  One time her tablet was in aeroplane mode and she couldn't use it.  "I played around with it, and found the way to make aeroplane mode to go". That’s because Daisy is now confident using her device.