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Lonely? - Get a pen pal!

If there's one thing that is becoming evident at the minute, it's the loneliness and depression caused by this challenging period of lock down and self-isolation.

The internet is great for many things but what about the older ways of keeping in contact - via letters and post? There is a real value in having a physical letter, along with the anticipation of checking the post each day and the big smile on your face when a personal letter drops through your door.

Global Penfriends has a service that enables you to safely send letters in the 'old style' pen and ink way to people all over the world if you wish! This is now often referred to as 'snail mail'.

A different website, Pen Pal World serves as another way to introduce you to a Pen Pal - who could be in any part of the world! Strike up a regular electronic communication with them via your 'inbox' on the website!

Please remember that you use these sites at your own risk. Stay safe and remain vigilant, but have some fun. Happy writing!

Any problems? - Give us a call as we are happy to help over the phone during this time!

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