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No edit no cuts ... in the words of Daisy’s sister

Daisy - profoundly deaf, can sign and lip read

Life has been so much easier for Daisy since this pandemic, thanks to Daisy’s online training with Enrych Connect on video calling.

I did have to remind Daisy how to tap the screen etc to use ‘WhatsApp’ and now another world is open to her. Daisy has chatted to a totally deaf person for about an hour, and they have a regular chatting session in sign language.

One time her tablet was in aeroplane mode and she couldn't use it. I was gathering up some patience to try to resolve it on messenger and in video mode when she mentioned it was fine now as "played around with it, and found the way to make aeroplane mode to go". That’s because she is now very confident using her device.

Another time I had to explain how to use night-time pads after incontinence team got in touch with me. She did not understand "fold in half" nor all the different steps, then I went into video mode demonstrating how to, and shake like a table cloth and in the end how to put them on and pull the pants up tight. Anyone looking on would have been in hysterics. All this is possible because of you and your teams help.

Take Care, Be Safe.

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