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Starlink - watch some cool satellites fly over!

At the minute we are being treated to a night-time visual delight from the flyovers of some of the Starlink satellites and it doesn't require you to leave your home!

A procession of about 50 satellites move slowly across the sky, mainly in a line. Whilst our skies have many satellites moving about, the Starlink 'train' is something a bit more special to behold and leaves you with the feeling that you are in an Arthur C Clarke novel or that aliens are coming!

Over time the Starlinks will spread out and possibly get fainter so its a 'grab it whilst you can' type experience.

The Starlink satellites, are being launched in batches of about 50-60 and ultimately the plan is that they will provide a grid around the world that will enable hard to reach places, to get internet access.

All being well, tonight you can actually watch the launch of the next batch of the satellites live on the Space X website this evening at 8:15pm

To find out when you will be able to see them then visit the find Starlink page

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